​​​​​​​When we’ve asked that question of clients over the years, the responses have been remarkably consistent. “We want a firm that really wants our business.” “We need to work with the most experienced partners, not just hear them pitch.” “We demand people that are driven to make every engagement a success—no matter what the obstacles.” “We like clarity, honesty, and a sense of humor.” “We seek a good ‘fit’ with our culture and mission.”
Is Lucid Brands the right branding firm for you? Maybe. We’re one of the most experienced and dedicated partners you’ll find. We work with giant-, mid-, and mini-sized organizations. But you’ll only know if we’re ‘the one’ if we talk and get to know each other. 
Our promise? We will try to understand who you are and what you need to accomplish. We will find and amplify the compelling truth at the heart of your brand. If we aren’t the right people to help, we will recommend someone that can.
Send me a note at scottlerman@lucidbrands.com and I'll get right back to you.

Thanks, Scott Lerman, CEO.
Some of my greatest successes in the corporate world were a result of Scott’s steadiness, his brilliance and his deep understanding of what makes people tick, from the shop floor to the CEO’s office. I wouldn’t undertake a major branding challenge without him.
— Margo Barnes, retired.  VP, Corporate Affairs, Capital Holding, VP, Corporate and Public Affairs, PNC Bank, SVP, Corporate Communications, Bayer

I had the personal experience of working with Scott and his team on the total re-branding of CommonHealth—one of the largest healthcare marketing services networks in the world. Throughout this dynamic process, they proved to be remarkably smart, facile and focused, helping us make rapid and dramatic progress in our understanding of the challenges at hand, the various strategic and creative possibilities and, finally, the executional elements required to pull off such a lofty, complex initiative.
— Matt Giegrich, CEO, Ogilvy CommonHealth

I am a huge fan of your work.
— Heidi Carney VP Consumer Marketing True Citrus

Scott has that rare capability to combine branding finesse with a keen sense of brutal business realities. He interprets, creates, translates and executes. I would want him on my team’s side versus the opposition in any marketplace battle.
— Steve McCracken, CEO, Owens-Illinois

Scott Lerman and his team were a critical ingredient in the brand development process and successful launch for NationsBank (now Bank of America). He brought a unique combination of creativity and real world problem solving to the program which allowed us to meet all our critical milestones for the launch of this new national brand.
— Van Perry SVP, Brand Manager, NationsBank and Bank of America 

Scott headed up the Siegel & Gale team to help create a single ‘Voice’ for Caterpillar. With his involvement on many strategic projects, he has helped build long lasting solutions and a new appreciation throughout the company for the value of strategic brand management.
— Bonnie Briggs Manager Corporate Identity Caterpillar (Now leading b.onbrand)

When I was CEO of National Semiconductor, I had the pleasure of working with Scott Lerman and his team on refreshing the identity of this worldwide brand that had gotten a little stale. It was one of the highlights of my career and I cannot think of how it could have gone better.— Gil Amelio​​​​​​​
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