Most of our initial assignments are sparked by critical moments of opportunity and challenge—mergers and acquisitions, entry into new markets, competitive pressures, technological innovation, and other forms of substantive change. Once those programs are complete, we often become a long-term partner in the management and creation of new opportunities for the growth of brand value.
Our expertise spans the definition, modeling, creation, employee engagement, and implementation stages of strategic branding programs. We deliver insightful, true, compelling, and actionable ideas. We prototype and validate alternative brand strategies. We build robust brand identity and communications programs that bring brand strategy to life. And we know how to effectively engage corporate leadership, employees, channel partners, customers, investors, and other key audiences in the process of change.

The key components of branding—identity, competitive arena, strategic positioning, character, and experience—play a critical role in moving audiences through the “gates” that they must pass through on their journey to choice and brand loyalty. Lucid Brands uses qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that every component of the brand strategy, identity, and experience is true, compelling, and optimized for chosen markets.

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